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Campaign gets going Division-wide

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 19 April, 2017

All  voters in the County Council seat of Mitcheldean should now have received our full colour leaflet promoting our candidate, Cllr Sue Henchley, and giving details of our campaign to make the Lib Dem Council Group the largest at Shire Hall. For twelve years the Tories have had control and we think the time is well overdue for […]

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On the Doorstep in Mitcheldean

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 3 March, 2017

Since the beginning of February, Sue Henchley and the Focus Team have braved the weather and continued with our door to door survey in Mitcheldean.  We have been joined by new members and are enjoying meeting and talking with the local residents about a huge variety of topics. These have included problems with heavy goods vehicles in […]

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One Year On and New Members.

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 31 January, 2017

On a cold January evening, new and seasoned members of the Focus Team gathered in Longhope to celebrate the anniversary of the start of our #Fightback Campaign.  We were inspired by Cheltenham Cllr Max Wilkinson who told us how he won his seat against what seemed like improbable odds. To date we have knocked on over 1,300 doors […]

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Liberal Democrats Surge to By-election Victory

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 6 December, 2016

Sarah Olney with Tim Farron (Lib Dem Leader)   Another amazing by-election result for the Liberal Democrats has seen Sarah Olney elected to Parliament, sending a thumping message to the Conservative Government. Sarah will be the new MP for the former Conservative strong hold of Richmond Park after she overturned a huge 23,000 vote majority to […]

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Boundary Changes and a new name for our Constituency?

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 26 November, 2016

The Tory Government is in the process of reducing the number of MPs in Westminster and is therefore proposing to redraw some of the boundaries of their constituencies. The proposals affecting the ‘Forest of Dean’ constituency mean a few relatively small changes to the boundary but a massive change to the name.  The proposed ‘West […]

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Mitcheldean survey and forthcoming elections.

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 26 November, 2016

With most of the County Council division of Mitcheldean having received our most recent Focus newsletter, we are returning to the business of knocking on doors – this time in Mitcheldean itself. Cllr Sue Henchley is a long established and hardworking  Liberal Democrat member of Mitcheldean Parish Council, and was a District Councillor for ten […]

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Longhope Survey almost finished

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 24 October, 2016

With just a few call backs to do where people were out first time we called, we are now looking at the end of the survey in Longhope. Within a short time, we should have a feedback on the survey to deliver in a Focus Newsletter telling you what action we have taken and any […]

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Tibberton Focus delivered and more to come

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 9 October, 2016

All of the houses we visited in Tibberton with our Focus Team Survey will have now received the Focus Newsletter with the results of the survey, our action and other news. Within the next few weeks, another Lib Dem Focus newsletter will be coming through the letterboxes of the whole of the county council division of […]

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Focus Newsletter ready for delivery in Tibberton

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 8 September, 2016

We took a bit of a break from our campaign in August, but are ready to deliver the feedback from our survey in a Focus Newsletter which will go to all the houses in Tibberton where we called earlier in the year. Some members of the Focus Team were at the Tibberton Show, either helping or as visitors.  We were all […]

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Tibberton survey complete & Phase Three started in Longhope!

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 1 August, 2016

The delivery of the Tibberton survey has now been completed. Before we deliver the Focus newsletter containing the results of the survey and some local news and topics, we need to follow up on some casework and investigate further some of the problems you have told us about on the doorstep and in the survey. Meanwhile, some […]

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