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One Year On and New Members.

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 31 January, 2017

On a cold January evening, new and seasoned members of the Focus Team gathered in Longhope to celebrate the anniversary of the start of our #Fightback Campaign.  We were inspired by Cheltenham Cllr Max Wilkinson who told us how he won his seat against what seemed like improbable odds.

To date we have knocked on over 1,300 doors throughout the Mitcheldean County Council division.  We have talked to hundreds of people on the doorstep, finding out about their views on local and national issues and asking if we can help solve any local problems to do with the various tiers of local government that affect their lives or neighbourhoods.

Where we have carried out surveys, we have delivered a Focus newsletter containing feedback.  We have also delivered a Focus newsletter division wide to nearly 4,000 homes.  More to come….

Now we turn our attention to Mitcheldean itself.  Watch out for us in the streets and come and join us if you want to spread the Lib Dem message.

Two thousand new members have joined the Liberal Democrats in the last month.  Some of them are in the Forest of Dean and working with us!




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