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16,000 new members

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 10 July, 2016

Since my last post ago, the number of new members joining the Lib Dems has risen to 16,000! This is a welcome sliver of a silver lining to a dark cloud that has descended over the United Kingdom since June 23rd. They have joined us because they share our values and believe in a fair, tolerant, outward looking […]

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Did they really vote for this?

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 27 June, 2016

What an almighty mess!  The Tories are virtually leaderless and Labour Party is in meltdown! I am utterly dismayed by the reasons that some voters have given since Thursday for voting ‘Leave’. I respect those who had thought through the issues although I would want to challenge their logic. But when I hear “Because Obama wanted ‘In’ […]

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Why I will vote to Remain in Europe – a member’s view.

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 19 June, 2016

One of the Members of our Liberal Democrat Focus team has put pen to paper to explain his reasons for wanting to Remain in the EU.   WHY I WILL VOTE TO REMAIN IN EUROPE 1.  We live in a global village.  From combating terrorism to eliminating tax havens, the challenges we face need international […]

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Tibberton Survey – first drop almost complete

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 19 June, 2016

As planned, we are about to complete our delivery of the Focus Team Survey to every home in Tibberton. Reception has been very good and we look forward to hearing more from those residents who have taken time to fill in our survey either by quick collection, by post or online. We shall be back […]

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Our next target area – Tibberton

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 30 May, 2016

Now that we have completed our street survey in Huntley and delivered a Focus newsletter there containing feedback from the survey and news and views about other local and national issues, the Lib Dem Focus team is moving over to Tibberton, our next target area. We have started to deliver our knock and drop survey […]

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Focus Newsletter delivery completed in Huntley

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 4 May, 2016

Our Focus ‘Feedback’ newsletter has now been delivered to all the houses in Huntley village and to the outlying houses in Ross Road, Hinders Lane, Broom Hill and Newent Lane. In it are the results of most of the surveys along with local news, articles about the Police and Crime Commissioner election and the EU Referendum.  […]

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Huntley survey completed!

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 15 April, 2016

We have now delivered our survey to all the houses in Huntley village and are preparing our Focus Newsletter for delivery very soon.  The outlying houses and farms in the immediate area will be reached in the next few days with the last few copies of our survey. Please go to the Useful Links sections below […]

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Survey in Huntley nearly finished

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 25 March, 2016

The weather has not been kind to us, but there are only a few roads to go now. We estimate that in four more sessions we should finish distributing and collecting the surveys.  If we have missed speaking to you and you would like to return the survey, please go to the Useful Links sections below and click on […]

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More than half way there

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 9 March, 2016

The Focus Team survey has been delivered to well over half the houses in Huntley.  We are collecting residents’ views on a wide variety of topics including the decision to stay or leave the EU, the state of the roads and pavements, the proposals for a new housing development in Newent Lane and the need […]

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Gathering momentum

by Cllr Gill Moseley on 27 February, 2016

The Focus Team is continuing to deliver and collect our survey leaflets in Huntley in spite of the cold weather! We are a little frustrated when residents forget to note the location of problems and just refer to them in general, but we are keeping our eyes open for potholes, dog mess and street lights that […]

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